Established in 2007, Clydeside Soap are a Renfrewshire based company specialising in organic and vegan soaps, creams and hair products. We also make a range of aromatherapy oil candles made with rapeseed wax.


All of our products are certified organic and are free from the harsh chemicals found in commercial products. Our products are particularly suitable with problem skin types such as for people with eczema,psoriasis,

dry skin and acne. 


All products are vegan, nothing has been tested on animals and all ingredients are ethically and environmentally sourced.


The range of candles and wax melts are all made using rapeseed wax and the finest quality aromatherapy oils. No fragrance oil or paraffin waxes are used in the production. The benefits of these products are longer burn times, no black smoke or soot, cooler flame and temperature of wax and all the benefits from breathing the various aromatherapy oils.


We also sell a range of handmade oil burners for burning our wax melts or for using essential oil.


Along with the products on offer we also provide a service for wedding favours, supplying hotels and shops and other wholesale opportunities. There is a contact form below if you need any information about the products.